Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Love Gospel Music

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PK Daughters

Are you a PK (Preachers Kid)? What were your struggles growing up as a PK? Stop by to hear a strong inspiring story with Annetta Ikechiuku of beating the odds as a PK's daughter. click here to listen!

Note: We had a time conflict, so my guest was not able to attend! However, we went on with the show. We have rescheduled my guest for 5/24/08. So please stop by anytime at Empowered Christian Women Talk Radio Show!

The Mind of Motivation - Joshua Thomas

Joshua Thomas, interview was very compelling to listen too! Joshua, discuss methods of staying motivated, and gave motivational materials that he read to keep his mind motivated. Joshua, briefly discuss about the death of his son, and how he overcame the odds of maintaining the right mind! So stop by and listen to this wonderful interview with Joshua Thomas! click here!

Upcoming Gospel Arist - Natasha L. Phillips

Interviewed upcoming gospel artist "Natasha L. Phillips", click here to listen

Gospel Music Artist - Sean Hardin

Please stop and listen to a great interview with Sean Hardin, click here!