Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Are You Ready 4 A Blessing"

Are You REady For a BLessing!

A song fell into my spirit (Blessed), while I sat posting here on my blog. I went over to You Tube for Fred Hammond's song "Blessed", and came across this video! If you are ready to be BLESSED, then put your PRAISE shoes on!

The best thing about this video, I was out in the audience (no I did not video this one) at this concert, but to be able see how wonderful the services was on Fire!

Thank You Fred!

I have been "BLESSED in THE City, and I have BEEN Blessed in FIELDS", and as I use to hear Paul Harvey say on the radio as little girl, while riding in the car with my parents..."You Know The Rest of The Story"!

Be Blessed!

Evelyn J.Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J.

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